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Virtual Individual Sessions:

50 minute session: $160

75 minute session: $230

25 minute session: $105

  • Top-up/Check-in sessions: Available for regular weekly or biweekly clients

  • Children and youth Half Sessions: For those who would benefit from shorter sessions

In Person Individual Sessions:

50 minute session: $165

  • Available beginning in June 2024

Reports, Forms, Letter Writing:

  • $105

  • Billed per half hour of work

Reduced Rate Program:

  • ​Limited  availability

  • Reserved for those without benefits experiencing financial hardship

  • Provided by fully licensed, masters level Registered Social Worker therapists

  • Please inquire through the info form

Non-Profit/ Charity donations:

  • 2% of every session will go towards monthly charity donations

  • Three charities will be announced in January and will be updated quarterly 

  • Current charities considered include: Pacific Postpartum Society, Aunt Leah's, Aboriginal Mothers Centre, the Food Bank, Baby Go Round, Pace Society, Family Services of Greater Vancouver

  • First Quarter Charitable Donations will go towards: 

    • Pacific Postpartum Society​

    • Great Vancouver Food Bank

    • Baby Go Round

Please note: There is no tax charged for therapy sessions as services as a Registered Social Worker (RSW) are exempt from GST.

Receipts will be emailed after payment is received. Please keep these for your records, insurance claims, and income tax. If you have extended health benefits through your employment, you may be covered for sessions with a Registered Social Worker (RSW). In regards to your taxes, the Government of Canada with reimburse recipients , through the Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC), of clinical services that have expenses greater than $2,237 annually or 3% of the taxpayer's net income.

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