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Treatment Areas

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Pregnancy and Postpartum Mental Health

A safe confidential space for women to express themselves, process their emotions, recognize strengths, improve relationships, and restructure thoughts. Common concerns include:

  • Depression and low mood

  • Excessive worry and Anxiety Disorders such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Specific Phobias 

  • Motherhood/parenting 

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Stress management/Burn-out

  • Transitions

  • People Pleasing

  • Isolation/loneliness

  • Insomnia/sleep difficulties

  • Low self-esteem/confidence 

  • Body image

  • Relationship difficulties and communication 

  • Boundary setting 

  • Sexuality


Counselling for Sex  Workers

A safe confidential space  to focus on the complex needs of those in the field to talk through anything and everything related to life, feelings, thoughts, challenges, emotions, trauma, goals, profession, and personal well-being. Common concerns include:

  • Depression, anxiety, and low mood

  • Difficulties reconciling your work and other aspects of life

  • Parenting while in the field

  • Coming from a conservative background

  • Difficulties sharing experiences with friends or family members

  • Low self-esteem/confidence 

  • Body image

  • Relationship difficulties and communication 

  • Boundary setting 

  • Sexuality

  • Isolation/loneliness

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Relationship Counselling

 Relationship and couples therapy:

  • blended families 

  • Co-parenting after a divorce 

  • Relationship transitions such as moving in together or getting married 

  • Patterns of conflict/breaking negative interactions and cycles 

  • Intimacy concerns 

  • Learn effective ways to communicate 

  • loneliness within a relationship

  • Contemplating separation or divorce

  • Anxiety and depression 

  • Trauma 

  • Grief 

  • Sexuality 

For new or future families:

  • Relationship strain when trying to conceive or experiencing fertility changes/treatment

  • Adjusting to parenthood 

  • Understanding postpartum mental health 

Girl Time

Child and Youth Counselling

Counselling specific for children, preteens, and adolescents who are experiencing one or more mental health concerns. Common concerns include:​

  • Excessive worry and anxiety disorders such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and specific phobias 

  • Depression and low mood

  • Grief

  • Transitions

  • Isolation/loneliness

  • Insomnia/sleep difficulties

  • Low self-esteem/confidence 

  • Sibling relationships

  • Parent separation

  • School challenges/attendance


A safe space for mothers and expectant mothers to process their feelings openly and honestly. The counselling relationship will assist to explore emotions and thoughts, develop coping skills, enhance self-care, and increase supports/improve relationships. Common presenting concerns include:


Prenatal counselling sessions: 

  • Prenatal Depression/Anxiety

  • Emotions surfacing around giving birth

  • Feelings of sadness/ loneliness

  • Exploring life changes 

  • The affects of sleep changes 

  • Nourishment/body image as an expectant mother


Post-partum counselling sessions:

  • Postpartum Depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders 

  • Coping skills to help with feelings of sadness, loneliness, anxiety and/or depression

  • Navigating recovery after birth emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

  • Birth Trauma Healing

  • Identity exploration as a new mother

  • Feelings of being overwhelmed

  • Adjusting to parenthood

  • Returning to work

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Women's Mental Health

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