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How long does each therapy session take?

Individual sessions are typically 50 minutes and extended sessions are 75 minutes. A 75 minute intake session to begin with is recommended. 


Couples sessions are typically 75 minutes with extended sessions of 90 minutes. A 90 minute intake session to begin with is recommended. 


How do book an appointment?

The quickest way is to create a profile on the Jane booking system. From there you will have access to my schedule to find an appointment that meets your needs.


If you would like to chat prior to booking a session please email me so we can schedule a free phone consultation. 

What can I expect for the initial session?

The initial appointment is used to gather information about your presenting difficulties and relevant background information. The beginning sessions followed this are used as an assessment phase. This information from these first few sessions are used formulate an appropriate and collaborate treatment plan. 

How many sessions are needed?

Sessions are typically weekly or biweekly. The frequency and duration will depend on individual needs and goals and the preferred treatment modality. 


For Perinatal treatment plans therapy is  typically recommended to continue for at least 6-25 sessions depending on individual symptoms and circumstances. Couples counselling can take 4-25 sessions depending on if you are looking for solution focused sessions or more in-depth therapy. Individual, and Child and and Youth counselling treatment typically utilize plans the consist of about 8–20 sessions. 

Rates and payment:

First, a 15-20 free phone consultation is offered to determine if we are a good fit. Fees range from $145+ and can be found on the rates page. 


Credit card and e-transfers are accepted. 

Fees are due at the time of the appointment and a bill will be provided which can be submitted for reimbursement from insurance benefits.

Appointments must be cancelled 48 hours ahead or the full fee for the service will be charged. This allows time for some one in need to fill the spot. Please note that the cancellation fee may be waived for extenuating circumstances and this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Will my benefits cover my session fees?

Possibly. Many benefit plans cover for registered social workers (RSW) providers. Please confirm with your extended healthcare benefits carrier or your HR department.

Session can also be covered through First Nations Health Authority. 

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